Thursday, 27 October 2011

Alan Wake

This game is one of your typical horror survivals. You got to kill the bad guys and make sure they don’t kill you. That’s not saying the games a bad game it has an excellent story which leaves you curious and wanting more even after you finish the game and its DLC. The survival style of the game really gets you on edge with the creepy story I found myself over using ammo when I shouldn’t have and just getting worn out on the gameplay. The bad points of this game is the replay aspect there isn’t much to do once the game is completed other than to gather up them collectibles (something not everyone enjoys doing) also the game is rather short compared to others I played one episode slowly a day just to spread it out and finished it in a week. This game is basically like a T.V series the more you attach yourself to the story the creepier and more interesting it gets.

Achievements 7/10

Graphics 9/10

Gameplay 10/10

Your fellow gamer.

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