Saturday, 29 October 2011

Final Fantasy XIII

This game is more like a movie than a game the graphics for it are amazing easily some of the best graphics on a game. The gameplay is rather repetitive especially with the start being mainly walking down extremely linear paths fighting extremely similar enemies until you come across near impossible bosses unless you have been levelling up. The story for this game is the basis as it is with most final fantasy games. I would say this isn’t as good as the original final fantasy but then that wouldn’t be a fair review I would say that the game has evolved. Also the game does open up a lot more later on and when you finish it you can continue playing that monotonous battle system. The achievements also take quite a while to get but you could easily pick up at least 500 g with one gameplay.

Achievements   5/10
Gameplay   3/10
Graphics   10/10
Story   8/10
If there’s any other ratings you think would be useful let me know.

Your fellow gamer.

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