Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hunted: Demon Forge

'Not Bethesda's greatest game'

For a game that came out last year, Bethesda's Hunted: Demon forge does little to impress. As a very linear RPG it has some good elements, such as co-op game play and build-it-yourself levels, but overall polish on the graphics can leave you disappointed.

Lets go through some of the bad points in the game.
-Special weapons offer a very limited amount of uses, meaning only a few enemies can be killed before damage is greatly reduced.
-Knock-back in combat can leave you pinned into a corner and an inability to dodge or block while surrounded by enemies can be annoying.
-During co-op play both players have to be present in order to go through a door, this gets annoying when there's doors every ten seconds.
-Health potions are rare during battle but stupidly abundant between fights.
-Experienced a bit of lag during parts with a lot of enemies.

Good points in the game
-Player buffs are useful and give team mates a good advantage.
-The offline co-op is very good as is the online co-op, giving players pretty much the same gameplay in both.
-The story is quite interesting, a bit generic at some points but immersive enough to keep interest.
-At certain points in the game you make major decisions which affect the storyline. This adds a re-playability factor.

Overall I would say that the standard of Bethesda's previous games were much better than this, graphics wise and game play wise but the storyline and co-op features of this game kind of make up for this. If you want to see for yourself what its like the trailers below!

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