Saturday, 17 November 2012

WarZ vs DayZ (Arma II Mod)

Now before I get started I want to just say this game is in Alpha. This seems to be something a lot of people forget and often moan about the game when they find a bug or a hacker some how killed them.

WarZ vs DayZ (Arma II Mod)

Now I know a lot of you are probably gonna be OH GOD!!! another DayZ fan boy.
Ill be honest I played DayZ and I did enjoy it but I DO prefer WarZ.


Some things are similar but there are mainly differences between these games.

You get all the claims WarZ is just a rip-off but I can assure you it is not, thats like saying that Call of Duty is a rip-off of Doom.

WarZ is a Free Roam, MMO, Zombie Survival Game
DayZ is a Free Roam, MMO, Zombies Survival Mod 
(except for the standalone version to come out in the future)
yet like many games both have a different spin on things.
  • Yes both have the need to eat and drink.
  • Both have zombies.
  • Both have PvP

Things DayZ have different

  • DayZ currently has more interaction (but WarZ may add more) things like campfires, hunting, filling up water bottles etc gives you a sense of something more to do.
  • DayZ you can just shoot any part of a zombie and kill it and even worse you can just run through buildings to lose them.
  • Zombies can climb ladders.
  • DayZ medical system is good and with a little bit more to it would make a game a lot more fun in my opinion.
  • Vehicles (however this is a planned addition in a later version in WarZ)

Things WarZ have different (Patch 08/11/2012)

  • In WarZ you can currently jump onto cars and kill any zombies nearby without too much worry of being hit by them.
  • You need to get headshots to kill zombies (even with melee)
  • Weapons are rarer (drinks however are not)
  • Day and Night cycles are not linked with real time.

 Why pick WarZ

Now your probably thinking why should I go out and buy WarZ instead of Arma 2 and getting DayZ
and my reply is simple.
Belief, hoping that a game which may appear simple now will get complex and amazing in the future.
The WarZ currently evolves much quicker than the mod DayZ which can sometimes give you a feeling that a lot more is happening and a lot more is to come.

I would also like to note I believe that WarZ is better/has more potential than the mod Dayz but I am in no way saying anything about the standalone DayZ as this could potentially be better.

A Few Warnings:

If you played DayZ and left in the hope that this game did not have the whole pointless kill on sight because I can (even when the player obviously was not a threat) you will be mistaken, at this moment in time there is non of the features that the dev's hope to implement to help people avoid player killers or even become lawmen so be warned most people are not friendly.
Also make sure you don't rush into it, a lot of people have and this results in the "Oh meh gerd I foundz a BUGGGGG I wantz my Monez Bak" reaction which then is often replied with its in alpha you knew this, there will be bugs and even hackers sometimes but the WarZ team is very good at solving problems fast.


Now finally I have finished if you think I missed any difference etc or have an issue with this just post a comment and let me know (I know it is not perfect)

Also we are hoping of recording some WarZ soon so don't forget to check out our YouTube

Sunday, 16 September 2012


'This Revolution will be Televised'
-Steam on the big picture.

So Steam has been undergoing a few changes as of recently. They have the new greenlight which is a system that has been put in place for any budding game designer to submit their games to the wills of steam members for the chance to be sold by the steam hub. Then they are rolling out the new "Big Picture" this is an easier system for using computer games to be joined with the TV's and game controllers which may mean a greater transition of console players migrating to the PC.


Steam - Greenlight

So what's so good about greenlight? Well with the way gaming is heading, more and more people seem to be moving away from the big game producers such as EA. This is because they are starting to get bad reputation such as with screwing up mass effect and dragon age and going towards the indie game markets. Some of these Indie games are either difficult to find or usually spread by word of mouth but with greenlight it will be much easier to find many of these games and help them produce more games by providing an income, and consumer market. 

The bad side to greenlight is the fact that steam already mostly dominates the gaming market on the PC with it plethora of big company games. Its looking as though Steam might soon start to dominate the indie market as well with its simple to use interface and game buying/ installing system. Do you think this is good or bad news for Indie developers? Should they be turning to big brands such as Steam or should they be independent and develop their games more thoroughly? Well steam does give us as a consumer cheap games most of the time but does that mean the produces lose out. I guess we will have to wait and find out where steam is heading.

To check out the Big Picture page and get more info click here! >> Big Picture <<

Saturday, 4 August 2012

OUYA: Future of gaming?

'Imagine a world where gaming is free, I'd help you out.. but I've never played any games'
-Woman off the ad.

First impressions of this 'console', where do I insert my GENITALS and cheese toasty? Is there going to be a peripheral for cleaning my teeth or washing my car? Will it walk my dogs or do I have to download an app for that? The answer to these obvious questions is a disappointing no. 

Standard OUYA Console

The ouya in all its glory.

But what makes this console so much better than ANY other is that the games are free! Yes, you heard it right, FRREEEEEEE. The Ouya lets developers set their own price on the game they've made, but in return, ask for a portion of the game to be free. This could be a demo or trial period or even an entirely free game! Big Indy developers such as Mojang and The creators of Canabalt are interested in supplying their games to the Ouya console, which is expected to be in production next march. 

The Ouya interface.

On Live, a game supplier which is a lot like steam, will be on the ouya platform. This would be a good step as the way OnLive works is by providing games through streaming, saving data space on the console but requires the internet for it to work. The OnLive is free to use and allows you to demo any game before downloading. It also allows for 3 or 5 day rentals and even the ability to buy the full game. With broadband speeds currently maxing out about 80mb and packages from Virgin expecting to go up to 200mb.

Its not only indie game developers that are showing interest. Some bigger game developers such as square enix are bringing the final fantasy 3 game to the console which could be an opportunity to bring the missing link in the final fantasy series out of Japan. There is also a previous call of duty developer who has been working on a zombie survival game called human element which will be bringing an early look to the Ouya before the full release of the game in 2014. 

Fully moddable.
Another concept behind this console is that is is fully moddable. The console unit itself can be easily unscrewed and taken apart. The developers behind Ouya say that even the proscessor will be no secret. A simple usb port can be used for home-made peripherals and the consle can be easily rooted (This wont void your warranty either!). 

Heres some tech specifications for all you eggheads:

-Tegra3 quad-core processor 
-8GB of internal flash storage
-HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD
-WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
-Bluetooth LE 4.0
-USB 2.0 (one)
-Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad
-Android 4.0
According to the kickstarter page Ouya will be put out to production sometime next March and if you want your own guaranteed console you can pledge some money towards it. It might be how they managed to raise a staggering $6.6million!

To check out their kickstarter page and watch an annoying woman click here! >> Ouya <<