Sunday, 16 September 2012


'This Revolution will be Televised'
-Steam on the big picture.

So Steam has been undergoing a few changes as of recently. They have the new greenlight which is a system that has been put in place for any budding game designer to submit their games to the wills of steam members for the chance to be sold by the steam hub. Then they are rolling out the new "Big Picture" this is an easier system for using computer games to be joined with the TV's and game controllers which may mean a greater transition of console players migrating to the PC.


Steam - Greenlight

So what's so good about greenlight? Well with the way gaming is heading, more and more people seem to be moving away from the big game producers such as EA. This is because they are starting to get bad reputation such as with screwing up mass effect and dragon age and going towards the indie game markets. Some of these Indie games are either difficult to find or usually spread by word of mouth but with greenlight it will be much easier to find many of these games and help them produce more games by providing an income, and consumer market. 

The bad side to greenlight is the fact that steam already mostly dominates the gaming market on the PC with it plethora of big company games. Its looking as though Steam might soon start to dominate the indie market as well with its simple to use interface and game buying/ installing system. Do you think this is good or bad news for Indie developers? Should they be turning to big brands such as Steam or should they be independent and develop their games more thoroughly? Well steam does give us as a consumer cheap games most of the time but does that mean the produces lose out. I guess we will have to wait and find out where steam is heading.

To check out the Big Picture page and get more info click here! >> Big Picture <<

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