Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rise Of Nightmares

Well I can say this game has impressed me. The Kinect has been sitting there for months now with nothing to do and I haven’t read any good reviews for this game and my first thoughts were it would all be on tracks and not be that fun with it being Sega. When I first started playing I was thinking this isn't bad but could be a bit better. Now I have completed the game and once you get used to controls they make you actually feel more into the game than any of the other games I have played on Kinect. Posing to open specific puzzles, an electric glove which makes you feel kind of like a magician and a vast array of weapons at your arsenal, then there’s the creepy “boss guy” he walks around and you have to stand still in a corner to make sure he doesn’t see you. Now it does have its bad sides like the graphics are not really the best but they are still good enough to play, also not to mention the required space to play the Kinect efficiently but I have this playing in my bedroom in about a 2m space which isn’t much at all and have still had fun playing it. As Kinect games go I can recommend you pick this up as it will give someone at least 20 hours of gameplay. For those of you which enjoy getting your achievements I would say this is a pretty good game for the good old G

Achievements 6/10

Graphics 6/10

Gameplay 8/10

 from your fellow gamer.

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