Friday, 2 March 2012

Cameo in New Spidey Game!

Stan Lee, the creative genius behind everybody's favorite super hero Spider-man, will be featured as an unlock-able character in the newest Marvel action game 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

We're expecting his appearance to be in the form of an unlockable skin, because hobbling around as an aged man wouldn't be very thrilling gaming.

The Spidey co-creator confirmed the news to Addict of Fiction (thanks Joystiq) during the London Super Comic Convention recently. No more information was given, but we can't wait to see Lee doing ninja flips through Manhattan.

The game, which will arrive ahead of the movie's July 3 release, is headed to PS3, 360, 3DS, DS and Wii on June 26, Activision confirmed recently alongside the trailer below.
Lets just hope its not another naff movie tie in game..!


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