Monday, 30 July 2012

Looking Back at The Elder Scrolls

The first game that got me into the Elder scrolls is Morrowind, I never had chance to play the other 2 games as I don't think I was alive early enough for these. but the Morrowind game i spent over 100 hours playing on my original Xbox the comedy of the characters walk was a bit off putting and the graphics but the game play more than made up for this as we know with Minecraft graphics isn't everything. The Morrowind game itself I found so hard to keep track of the quests I was doing the journal wasn't the easiest thing to keep track of so I didn't actually ever finish the story but I do remember searching everywhere and even killing the last boss without having the tools I'm supposed to have to kill it. the ability to get a stronghold was so fun and if I remember correctly there was an expansion which allowed towns on the Bloodmoon island both of these expanded the more quests that were done for them which made them a lot more fun. The extensive lists of skills was unbelievable there was so much more skills than oblivion and I don't know whether this made it confusing or much more diverse but this was a good theme for the RPG specially with the specific classes and races.

The Oblivion game expanded so much from this the skills were a little different with only a few type of weapon classes but the graphics excelled in such a way that people creamed their pants ;) the days I spent hoping for a new xbox 360 just to play this game but still couldn't afford so I had to go to my friends and we wasted our life going on random quests for jauffrey whilst listen to panic at the disco! the gameplay was amazing it felt like you could do anything you wanted for me it was a change in gaming something good from a relatively small company and i got because of a game from a bargain bin. I felt like there was more role play in this than what I have played in Skyrim, I am not sure what it is but i still need to waste hours of time on the new edition.

Now Skyrim was an even bigger step forward the monsters leveled with you levelling but they also were higher levels depending on the type of cave you were in. the skills got perks depending on which skill tree you followed and the graphics were some of the best i have seen. The fight style was the same fighting for most elder scrolls games that I played with a little difference here and there but this game had dragons and giants what more could you want? I know what I didn't want which was how easily I got side tracked on this game. There was quests and side quests these were fine because I knew these were going to end but then there was tasks for me these made the game impossible to play because I am a completionist and constantly got side tracked losing the want to play. i also however never roleplayed with my character I didn't make an Indian which would go around making potions and punching the monsters to death so maybe in the future this will be a challenge.

What are your views on the elderscrolls games?

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