Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DayZ Diaries: Military Day 1

Today me and my squad were dropped onto the coast of Chernarus near a place called Elektrozavodsk.

The squad consisted of Me - Cpt A.Moseley, Private K.Gomez aka Bones, Private P.Moseley aka Mozza, Private M.Finke, Private H.Jones and Private G.Altmen.

We were told that the local population were causing an uproar and we must evacuate all British, American, and other European citizens, but it soon became obvious they lied to us, whilst talking to my men we saw a strange man, face covered with blood, dragging his leg behind him as he walked towards us, we just assumed that he was injured and was looking for help, we were wrong, so wrong, he just growled and lunged at Pvt Altmen and bit a huge chunk out of his neck, without hesitation we shot at the "thing", it took so many shot until finally a shot to the head took it down, by this time Altmen had lost too much blood and had slipped away, as we got ready to move out Pvt. Jones heard Altmen breathing, we were all so certain that just could not be possible, we saw him die, he had no heart beat, we checked, he still didn't have a heart beat, as Jones got closer to her the breathing Altmen got up and bit Jones neck killing him and in return we shot a full round of ammo into Altmen to make sure he was dead, we knew this was not an ordinary mission.

We quickly made haste in land to set up a camp away from shore, on our way we avoided the main city seeing due to seeing large amounts of "things" clambering around, some even hopping.

After we set up camp near Topolka Dam we realised we had already lost two men and these "things" were like rabid humans, possibly even dead humans? We knew we needed to contact base but our radio set was on Altmen now with several holes through it, our best hope is to head to the airfield and use the radio tower.

Signing out.

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